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December 16, 2003 - 12:33 a.m.


For some reason, my December 7 entry The Dark Tower loads as my December 9 entry, and even reentering the info doesn’t seem to fix it. Somehow it would seem that the page names are the same (Did I err? ), however Diaryland’s editing program doesn’t seem to allow me to rename a page once it’s posted without completely deleting it and placing the pages out of order. For now I just added it again after this one.

See? My life really is just an endless series of Grooisms!

Thirteen and a Half Things™

Okay, so everyone in the world rips off Letterman with a Top Ten List. I at least will pretend to be subtle when I rip him off, and call my listing of hopefully humorous stuff Thirteen and a Half Things. So There.

Thirteen and a Half Things™…
A Guy Should Never Do On A First Date!

1. Make any mention whatsoever of Captain America, Green Lantern, Wolverine or Wonder Woman (yeah, especially Wonder Woman…)
2. Wear a twisty-tie around your finger and refer to it as “My Presssscioussssss.
3. Do impressions, unless you’re Rich Little (okay, even if you are Rich Little).
4. Ask if she thinks your “Little Soldier” will be happy tonight.
5. Use those three special words: Pull My Finger.
6. Drink significantly more alcohol than her.
7. Admit that you are Not Of This Earth.
8. Cry cry cry like a little baby.
9. Complain about breast size.
10. Check out the waitress.
11. Finish her meal.
12. Lick the plate.
13. Propose.
13.5. Call your

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