jerry - 2004-08-13 18:11:01
you could always stash him behind the barry manilow cd's... no one would look there!
mrgrooism - 2004-08-13 22:59:02
Hey, you'd be surprised how well Barry Manilow sells these days! He's also an ultra-hot concert ticket!
mightyhero - 2004-08-14 17:51:08
I have a Barry Manilow greatest hits CD. He has a few good songs!
jerry - 2004-08-23 15:42:24
abba? surely no one would walk into a store and admit to liking abba. that is usually reserved for file sharing late at night when no one is looking...
l0vergiirl - 2004-08-25 23:16:02
I totally agree. I bought an old cd of his a while back. I'm a firm believer in God and I'm not some schitzo freak. But shyne's lyrics are straight up devlish. He threatens america in this cd! He's a psycho and deserves to be in jail of course! How he's still making millions is beyond me. His voice sucks and he's ugly. -Ashley 21 Dallas, TX
mightyhero - 2004-09-02 03:05:17
I have ABBA's Gold (Greatest Hits) CD. They have a lot of good songs!

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