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January 06, 2004 - 9:52 p.m.

More Grooisms!

First, A Bit Of Flotsam & Jetsam

My sister Linda just contributed the following:

I spent an hour this evening reading ALL of your entries. I couldnt stop. I laughed so quietly, it hurt. I didnt want to wake up the baby…”

What a great image! Not simply laughing so hard it hurt, but laughing so quietly! I guess the only thing more painful than trying to hold in a laugh is having to laugh at jokes as bad as mine, hee hee!

Lost in Space, Season One is out on DVD, woo-hoo! It includes the never aired original pilot, without either Dr. Smith or the Robot. Whoever decided the show needed a little oompf gets a cookie for that one!

Coming next week, Season One of both Green Acres and Mister Ed!

Grooism #7
(as seen in Dark Horse Groo Volume 1, Issue #4):

To fully appreciate the next Grooism, you have to remember that one of the running gags in Groo is that every ship he ever sets foot on is doomed to sink. Okay? Got it? Ready?

Dear Whoever:

Here's a Grooism some of you might find of interest. Many years ago, I bought a second-hand car, a powder-blue Reliant K-car (Eeeyuch!!! ). Anyway, I've always wanted vanity license plates, so I applied for, and, after a bit of a wait, received in the state of New York, the license plate that reads simply: GROO. Why is this a Grooism? Well, does Groo ever do anything right? Nope! So, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, my trusty vehicle, soon after donning my wonderful Groo license plates, overheated on the Long Island Expressway so badly it destroyed the engine block!!! Hello, junk yard! I turned in the plates to the motor-vehicle bureau,and was able to reserve the name for up to two years, but haven't been dumb enough to order them for my current second-hand car. By now, the name GROO is probably up for grabs in New York State again. Anyone else out there dumb enough to go for it?

Grooism #8: What Night!!!?

Years ago, before I really knew my way around Manhattan and was living in the suburbs, I started dating a girl who lived in The City. The first few dates, she was always the one deciding on plans, as I never knew any hot spots or cool restaurants. So about the fourth date or so I decided I would pick the place!

I called the local Rock & Roll radio station and asked if the DJ knew of any clubs where you could actually dance to Rock & Roll, instead of disco (booo-hissss). The dj - Carol Miller - told me of one she had heard of in Midtown over on The West Side.

So off we went, and as we got closer to the Club the neighborhood started looking a bit seedy. We found the place, and waited on a loooong line. When we finally got to the front, I had my doubts about the music I was hearing. I asked what the cover charge was, the guy said $20 each. I asked what kind of music, he said disco. *sigh*

At this point she points out to me, ummm, "Larry, did you notice anything strange about this place? "

"Like what? "

She said “Like I'm the only girl on line!!!! "

Yup, it was a gay club! Nothing personal against the clientele, but it’s just not the most savvy place to take a gal to impress her, huh?. Oh well, we’ll find another place!

We had passed another cool looking club on the way, so I suggested we try that one.

Yup, plenty of couples going in!

I asked the guy at the door "What's the cover? "

He says "$40 per couple"

I said "What kind of music? "

He says "MUSIC? This is an S&M Club, tonight is PADDLE NIGHT!!!”

Way to impress the ladies, Larry!!! ...

Your Grooism Here!

Email me with your own tales of stupidity, I’d love to share them!

Almost forgot, now only 247 more days until Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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Ahoy, mateys! Only until Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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