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February 22, 2004 - 3:18 p.m.

Hyperbole Checklist

Is Mr. Grooism Living Up To His Campaign Promises?

My links sidebar has made the following claim from Day One.

Check out Mr. Grooism every day (I hope!) for news, opinions, reviews, Grooisms (natch!) and occasional bouts of lunacy, covering a wide array of interests. Whether you're into comic books or roleplaying games, Groo or Godzilla, sci-fi or fantasy, the self-styled Mr. Grooism will poke around in your corner of the cosmos soon enough!

Am I being truthful?

Let’s dissect this and find out, but first a word of warning! I link to most but not all of my posts at some point, so if you prefer not to skip around but would rather just read everything from the beginning, hey great, click on Day One, as linked above!

These two tend to be inseparable on my blog, so let’s keep it that way!

Yeah, I guess this qualifies as news! Still, entertainment news is more my style! Then of course, there are These Two entries on Comic Book & Sci-Fi Legend Julius Scwartz, plus my rant about Vampire Cows and a Lifelong, Diehard Yankee Fan’s reaction to what some consider good news!

My two-part Lord of the Rings reviews here and here certainly qualifies, as does this!

Grooisms (natch!)
Plenty of Grooisms sprinkled throughout my entries, including these few that I have arbitrarily numbered. They can be found here:

Grooism #1
Grooism #2
Grooism #3 & 4
Grooism #5
Grooism #6
Grooism #7 & 8
Grooism #9, plus my first Special Guest Grooism!
Grooism #10 & 11, with a bonus, hidden Grooism!
Grooism #12 & 13
Grooism #14 (Part of a looong post, so if you’re just trolling for Grooisms, you’ll have to go towards the end).

Occasional Bouts of Lunacy
Plenty of lunacy to go around, for sure, such as here, here, a feature I’ve yet to follow up on called Tales of the Dangerously Stupid, and my Top Ten List ripoff feature, Thirteen and a Half Things™, noted below:

Thirteen and a Half Things…A Guy Should Never Do On A First Date!
Thirteen and a Half Things™… That Make Being Single During The Holidays Worth It!
Thirteen and a Half Things™… That I Hereby Resolve For 2004
Thirteen and a Half Movies…That Combine Successful Sequels!
Thirteen and a Half Answers… To Age Old Questions!

Some would argue that this falls under the category of “lunacy” as well, but it’s a true story, swear!

Comic Books
DENIED!!! Yes that’s right, this is the first major category in which I’ve slacked off. Sure I’ve discussed Groo Comics (which has it’s own callout), and I’ve discussed Julie Schwartz, but where are my posts specifically about comics??? For shame, Larry!

Roleplaying Games
NONE, nada, zip! I haven’t breathed a word about RPG’s in here at all! What is this blog coming to, I ask!?

Yup, I yacked about Groo a few times, notably here and here.

The Big Guy got the Big Treatment with a complete filmography! plus a follow-up and this announcement!

BTW, I can now add to both of these posts that the (retitled) 2002 release Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla is coming out on DVD March 23, and like the previous 2 new releases include both English dubbed tracks and Japanese with subtitles!!! Huzzah! No word yet on DVD or theatrical release of their December 2003 effort, Godzilla vs. Mothra vs. Mechagodzilla.

Two out of the three Godzilla links also mention the one monster I love even more than Godzilla, Merian C. Cooper and Willis O’Brien’s classic King Kong, soon to be remade by Peter Jackson!

STEEE-RIKE THREE!!! 44 entries and nothing about Sci-Fi at all? What a gyp!!!

Hey, my extended Lord of the Rings rants linked above under Reviews fits nicely here, as does my LOTR Fake Death Tally Sheet and my post pining for forthcoming installments of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

What Do We Learn From This, Larry??

It seems I owe you guys some serious (and/or frivolous) discussion on Comic Books, Science Fiction and Role-Playing Games!

Also, my “Daily Blog” has turned into a “Couple of Times a Week Blog”! I find that I spend so many hours on each entry that I end up only doing them on days off! Hey, all the more reason to sign up for my notify list below!!!

Also, I’ve written many entries that I then don’t think are worth posting. I’m sure this violates some sort of Laws of Blogdom, since I’m not writing as Off The Cuff as it would appear, but hey, this is My Blog, I’ll do it Myyyyy Waaaaaaay!

Add your own comments, I’d love to hear from you!
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Ahoy, mateys! Only until Talk Like A Pirate Day!

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