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April 06, 2004 - 2:40 a.m.

Thirteen and a Half Things™

I enjoy checking my stats and finding out what search engine results led strangers to my page. I was shocked to discover that I was the number one result for a search for the term “faramir spanking lesson” As I had a hard time recalling that particular entry, I was relieved to find the result came from three portions, as follows:

the Okefenokee Swamp here at the brand-spanking new and ... hooves to really drive home the lesson that these ... 9)The Death of Faramir (ROTK; JRRT ) Pippin’s Song ...

Therefore, in a shallow attempt to increase circulation here at Mr. Grooism, behold now my listing of top search engine results I’d like to see visit me!

Thirteen and a Half Things™…
I Want People To Search For And End Up Here!

1. Metallica Accordian Solo
2. “Bill Clinton” “Sex With” “George W. Bush”
3. Free Vertical Pudding
4. “Missy Elliott” “Tom Jones” Duets
5. Edible Porno Spirograph
6. Tarantino Milkshake Sponges
7. Catwoman Catnip Catfight
8. Gollum Lingerie Swing
9. Buffy Cabaret Soliloquey
10. Dueling Voodoo Calliopes
11. Sexy Sax Sacks
12. “Paris Hilton” Yogurt Mystery
13. “Deep Throat” DVD “Commentary Track”
13.5. Naked Claymation…

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