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July 26, 2004 - 12:25 a.m.


Symphony In Da House! Word! Paragraph!…

The world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra,, first sponsored the uniquely American Boston Pops waaay back in 1885 as a way of bringing lighter, more accessible musical fare to the public whilst incidentally employing musicians from the more venerated BSO who would otherwise go six months between paying gigs.

119 years later they’re at it again, those wacky musical innovators! In an attempt to make classical music accessible to today’s inner city youth, the BSO has put together The Boston Raps, a full-fledged orchestral hip hop extravaganza!

Unfortunately, the first concert got bounced when their debut piece, Old School Shizzle No. 2 in D Minor, took a full 36 minutes to give props to all the playas with the roll call of performers! Really doe…

Grooism #18: Mice 2, Larry 0

My downstairs neighbor Mrs. D., who also happens to be my sister’s mother-in-law, asked me last week if I had mice in my apartment, as she’s caught a few and still has some running around. I checked around and discovered telltale droppings, so I set out about a dozen traps, half spring-type, half glue board. I vary the bait, some peanut butter (ye old standby) and some gumdrops (mice loooove sweets).


I had to laugh a bit in talking with Mrs. D., though, because she gets soooo worked up. Seems as if it/they have gotten quite used to her and run around in front of her in full view, staring at her and hopping over the traps. Early last week she says one followed her out into the hallway. She thinks they are mocking her. Bad rodents! Bad! No mocking!

Suddenly I have a new perspective, though.

A few days ago I was sitting at my computer making the rounds of my daily must-reads, when the little @%*$ poked his head out from beside my modem and blinked at me! I started a bit, and voom! he’s gone!

Gone, was he? A half hour later, there he was by the modem again! Peek! Blink! Voom!

Bad mouse! No mocking!

So now I have a grand total of 43 traps set about my apartment, including 5 on my computer desk alone! I put out 2 different kinds of spring traps plus two kinds of glue boards. Bwah-hah-haaaah, blink at me, will you!?

SNAP!!! Oooh my big toe! Okay, perhaps two spring traps under my desk are a bit much…

GOORSH!!! Yeah, ummm, there’s a giant glue board by the stove too, uhhh, gotta remember its there! Gooshy glue between your toes is no fun at all!

Oh, and no mocking! Bad mice!!!

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